November Newsletter

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Hello Global Family!

Love, grace and abundant blessing over each one of you! 

Donna and I thoroughly enjoyed being at Voice of the Apostles this year.  It was significant on many levels for us – to re-connect with dear friends and kingdom family, to experience again God’s power and grace at work in hundreds of healings, to hear, be encouraged and inspired by mighty men and women of God and to witness our dear friends Alastair and Janet getting ordained this year!

Time with Randy and Tom was precious and the confirmation of calling, destiny and kingdom purpose for us and what we are doing on this side of the pond.

Personally, after a very busy time of “tent making” through the summer months I felt like I went through a spiritual overhaul, got recalibrated and realigned and deeply refreshed in that wonderful environment. We also made significant connections and had opportunities to minster in some new places…


Burning Hearts

As the seasons change I love the colour, the freshness, but not so much the cold!! There is beauty in transition if we care to look for it and I know some of us are going through transitions right now, so we pray for divine wisdom and supernatural provision and for seeing the beauty in the transition and the joy of the journey and process. 

Once again I’m inspired by the passage in Luke 24 of the disciples, despondent and downcast, not quite believing all that had occurred as they wander along the road to Emmaus…  A man steps alongside and joins their discussion of the death and apparent resurrection of Jesus and the empty tomb, ‘some of our companions went to the tomb and found it just as the women had said, but they did not see Jesus.’ (v24) 

The man chides them for their apparent lack of faith and spoke to them of the prophetic signs of scripture pointing toward what must and did occur.  As they came to their town they encouraged the stranger to join them for supper.  For some reason they where greatly inspired and encouraged when he spoke to them…  As they sat at the table and Jesus broke bread and gave thanks their eyes were suddenly opened to who the stranger really was, and he disappeared from sight…  As they reflected on what had just happened they agreed ‘Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?’ (v32).  They immediately got up and returned to the eleven in Jerusalem to give testimony to what they had witnessed.

When Jesus speaks life happens…

When he talks to us we are ignited and our hearts burn inside, even when we don’t understand what’s going on and sometimes when we don’t understand a word Jesus says to us!  Yet, He still has the words of eternal life (John 6:68).  His words to us cause us to be burning ones with burning hearts, gathering in burning rooms with the fire of His holy Presence in the fireplace.

We all have a promise and a message and when it comes from an “Emmaus Road” encounter our hearts will burn all the more brilliantly with the oil of intimacy, which means we won’t burn out, just burn bright!

His word is like a fire; it is like a hammer that shatters the rock and when his word is shut up in your bones it’s really hard to hold it back – so don’t hold back.  Let the burning fire of His promise and truth ignite the hearts of those around you…



Social Media

The need to presence ourselves well in social media is a fundamental part of modern day communications and we have tools at hand to facilitate good communication, mutual support and encouragement and simply to advertise our events and conferences regionally to a wider audience. I’m pleased to say work is well underway in updating the GA Europe website and the Global Awakening Europe Facebook group is now private for ANGA members only! So please be encouraged to post prayer requests and personal needs there, so we as kingdom family can respond with encouragement, prayer and prophecy. 

The Global Awakening Europe Facebook Page is there for all of us to post good news stories, and also to promote training and equipping, conferences and so on. As I like to say, share the wealth!   Let’s keep encouraging one another with what God is doing in our areas of influence.


Promote yourselves!

Don’t be shy, shine!

We want people who visit our website to see the diversity and opportunities where they are regionally; so whether you’re hosting a worship night, prayer meeting or a School of Ministry please use the tools available on the website or the facebook page to get the word out.  I’d like every leader in Global Awakening Europe to have some kind of profile of the website – you should have had emails about this from Jonathan Squirrel.  Please take a few minutes to complete that and email it back ASAP so we can raise awareness of whats happening in our part of the Network and get that website completed.  A good profile picture would be helpful but action shots work too.  Feel free to record a little video clip on your smart phone…

We want all our events, conferences and training activities to be widely known as we often get emails about healing, training and conferences.


Regular Communications

As you are probably aware from previous communications it’s in my heart to have regular conference or video calls.  This is to provide regular connection with at least a monthly call where we can jump on and be connected with each other.  We are working on a suitable solution to this and will send out an email invitation very soon. If you’d like to Skype me and/or Donna then send us an email and we’ll schedule something together – I really enjoy the opportunities of being on a journey together and making that journey more personal and supported.


Upcoming Event


Save the date!

We are pleased to announce we will have Papa Leif Hetland with us in the UK next year !

Building on the success of the last Kingdom Power & Glory conference we are once again going to host the conference in Southampton.  More details will follow, but please put these dates in your diary:

5-7 July 2018

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